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    Date: 03 Dec 2017 - 03 Dec 2017

    Event Description:

    The Occupational English Test (also known as OET) is an international English language test for the healthcare sector. It assesses the language communication skills of healthcare p...
    Contact Name: Iman Al Lawati
    Contact Number: 24181127
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    MRCPsych Paper A
    Date: 05 Dec 2017 - 05 Dec 2017

    Event Description:

    MRCPsych is an International Examination that is offered for Psychiatry Physicians by the Royal College of Psychiatrists. For eligibility and Criteria, visit
    Contact Name: Zakiya Al Balushi/Carmina Palad
    Contact Number: 24181126/1024
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    FRCEM Primary
    Date: 06 Dec 2017 - 06 Dec 2017

    Event Description:

    The College is established to advance education and research in Emergency Medicine. The College is responsible for setting standards of training and administering examinations in E...
    Contact Name: Iman Al Lawati
    Contact Number: 24181127
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    Oman Medical Education Forum and Exhibition 2018
    Date: 18 Jan 2018 - 19 Jan 2018

    Event Description:

    The activity aims to encourage medical students, interns and medical officers to pursue post graduate medical education, assist the participants early on in their career choices wi...
    Contact Number: 24181056
  • Oman Medical Speciality Board
    المجلس العماني للاختصاصات الطبية
    Graduate Medical Education
    Health Professional Practice Regulation and Maintenance
    Life Long Learning
    Knowledge Translation and Innovation
“Educating and Training human is a laborious process. Yet, it is a necessary process. We Shall for our part, spare no effort to provide opportunities for the training of Omanis at all levels of education.” His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said
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OMSB sets high standards for post-graduate medical education of healthcare professionals, that will continuously improve the standards and the quality of healthcare in Oman

The coming stage requires much effort from our part to earn citizens’ trust through making every endeavor to provide a qualified and conscious cadre of Omani youths through education and practical training that H. M. Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, may Allah protect him, has attached a great attention to, saying “we live in the era of knowledge and witness its constant progress in all fields. This makes us most certain that knowledge and hard work are, together, our means to face the challenges of this era and to build a strong and flourished renaissance based on our Islamic and cultural values”. We are proud of the effort made by Oman Medical Specialty Board (OMSB) during the few years since its foundation to build Omani doctors through qualifying and training them to become specialized in any of the medical specialties. We also admire OMSB participation, with the other health institutions, in drawing a path full of ambitions and lofty goals to enhance the stature of health system and attain integration in provision of health services all around the Sultanate. The solidarity and cooperation we perceive between the different health institutions in training and qualifying Omani doctors and providing all the requirements needed to graduate them fulfills the thoughts of H. M. the Sultan of Oman, satisfies the ambitions of the people of Oman and earns their trust in highly qualified Omani doctors.

Dr. Ahmed AL-Saidi THE CHAIRMAN ,
Oman Medical Specialty Board


Oman Medical Specialty Board (OMSB) takes a great heed of training Omani doctors on research, probe, and finding solutions and new techniques in health care in order to enable them having effective contributions in the medical field. OMSB does not only graduate specialized doctors, but also makes a human who takes into consideration the psychological aspect in dealing with his patients. He also takes into consideration the other skills that make him a brother and leader in his environment, a contributor and an interactor with his country’s issues who always endeavor to develop and promote his knowledge. We have opened our minds to the world and we extended our hands to the other in order to benefit from his knowledge and experience, and to keep pace with the accelerating developments in the fields of medicine and science so that Omani doctors can absorb this modern knowledge, deploy it at work, and build their scientific personality accordingly. In OMSB, we do not consider graduation as being the end of the way, as we seek to communicate with our graduates through the Continuous Professional Development that boosts the serious beginning of doctors’ life in hospitals and with real cases.

Oman Medical Specialty Board

The center aims to create an inter-professional training environment of excellence, that enables health professionals and trainees to engage in various technical and non-technical skills, research and innovation with the ultimate goal of decreasing medical errors and improving patient care

The Oman Medical Specialty Board (OMSB) which is the postgraduate medical training body in Oman aims to achieve excellence in medical education, research and patients care by establishing Medical Simulation Center (MSC). The center combines training techniques from high-risk specialties in Emergency Medicine, Critical Care and Surgical Specialties with the latest medical simulation technologies. It's fully integrated into the residency training programs of Oman Medical Specialty Board to enhance the practical aspects of their training. It also provides the next generation doctors and other allied health professionals hands-on-training of procedures in difficult and potentially dangerous conditions without any risk to patients.

It intends to engage and inform doctors, researchers and other health professionals by publishing a wide range of peer-reviewed articles in various medical disciplines
Oman Medical Journal was founded in 1984. It is a peer-reviewed journal, publishes six issues a year by Oman Medical Specialty Board. Oman Medical Journal is indexed by PubMed Central, Index Copernicus, Google Scholar, EBSCO Academic Search Complete, Index Medicus (WHO), UlrichsWeb Directory, CABI Publishing (Center for Agricultural Bioscience (CAB) Abstracts & Global Health Database), CINAHL, Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), Genamics JournalSeek, GALE (InfoTrac, Academic One File, & Health Solutions), and Open J-Gate. It is distributed free to all Medical doctors and allied health professionals in various institutions locally and internationally. It intends to engage and inform doctors, researchers and other health professionals by publishing a wide range of peer-reviewed articles in various medical disciplines
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It intends to engage and inform doctors, researchers and other health professionals by publishing a wide range of peer-reviewed articles in various medical disciplines.
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