Oman medical Specialty Board (OMSB) has officially inaugurated a new Prometric Testing center specialized in delivering medical examinations in the Sultanate on 11th February 2013. The computer-based examinations help to ensure that OMSB medical standards are being met by candidates seeking to practice medicine and deliver healthcare services in Oman.This facility service is considered as the first Prometric testing Centre in Oman that delivers medical and non-medical examinations. Currently, the Prometric Centre at OMSB offers admission to 31 medical-specialty exams owned by OMSB via the Internet. In addition, the center delivers other international examinations such as the American Board Exam USMLE, MCCEE, PMP, GRE, IFOM, CISI, API, HRCI, TOEFL, etc.


To ensure that the quality of healthcare being provided is aligned with the Sultanate's national Health System 2020 policy and health vision 2050.


To improve healthcare by providing valid, reliable medical examinations comply with international examination standards.


  •  High secured examinations
  • High Quality Examinations
  • Quick Electronic Services
  • Instant Exam Results
  • Candidate Care Services
  • Validity and Reliability of Examiantion Services



    Prometric testing centers across the world allow candidates to take computer-based OMSB exams. Offering OMSB testing at Prometric test centers is in alignment with the ministry's goal to employ highly qualified specialty medical cadres in the Sultanate's hospitals and health centers. The Prometric Center is looking to serve candidates by delivering fair, authentic, and reliable standardized tests and credible assessment. 

    The current location of Prometric Testing Center is at OMSB Headquarter in the ground floor. To view Prometric Test Center location, please click on the map below:



    Prometric Center provides Medical and Non-Medical Examinations. The client list provided below involves all clients' exams available at Prometric test center. Some of those  The center will include all other international exams in the nearby future.

    Figure: List of Clients that Provide their Examinations at OMSB-Prometric Center