Oman Medical Specialty Board
المجلس العماني للاختصاصات الطبية

Academic Affairs

What is the Performance and Wellness Section

The Performance and Wellness section of OMSB aims to support the trainees in any of the following aspects :

   1.  Academic performance

   2.  Physical health

   3.  Emotional wellbeing

It aims to maximize personal and professional productivity.

OMSB Trainees are welcome to visit the Wellness Section at any level of training and for unlimited numbers of times during the training period.

There are two types of referrals to the Performance and Wellness Section:

1- Program referral

2- Self referral

These are Some of the issues the Performance and Wellness Section can help with:

1.  Difficulties making progress in training

        a.  Exam failure

        b.  Poor organization

2.  Problems in clinical performance

        a.  Poor clinical judgment

        b.  Lack of knowledge

        c.  Lack of skills

        d.  Critical Incidents

3.  Personal organization

        a.  Poor timekeeping

        b.  Communication difficulties

        c.  Team working difficulties

4.  Signs of not coping

        a.  Erratic, emotional behavior, anger

        b.  Negative attitude

        c.  Failure to answer pager

        d.  Frequent sick leave

        e.  Defensive reactions to feedback

5.  Career support and advice

The process

The process of providing support to the Trainees is:

. Confidentiality agreement form is signed before the initial assessment session.

.  An initial assessment occurs on a one-to-one basis, between the Trainee and a staff member of the Performance and Wellness Section.

.  Further appointments and a management plan are arranged, following the initial assessment.

.  Significant effort is made to treat all information provided to the section in a confidential and respectful manner.

How to Access Our Services

How to Access Our Unit?

The referral process requires a completed referral form, available either online at or from the Program Administrators. Please note that there are two different referral forms; one for self-referral, the other for program referral

 It is preferred that the referral be sent to the Performance and Wellness Section, via email to arrange an appointment for assessment purpose.

If you are self referring, you need to complete the Self-Referral Form and sent it to us. If it is a program referral, the program will send in the Referral Form.

Performance and Wellness Team

Dr.Siham Al-Sinani

Director of Training Affairs Department 

Dr. Saif Salam Al Hashmi 

Senior Consultant Psychiatrist  

Mrs. Noura Al Hadhrami

Acting Head

Mrs. Mashael Al Sabahi

Wellness Specialist