Admission and Registration Section is responsible for application of Omani Physicians from qualified medical institutions to join OMSB Residency Training Programs. The section also handles issues of Residents regarding withdrawal, transfer, and interruption and rejoining.

To attract a diverse of physician applicants to apply in OMSB high-quality programs and to provide the best assistance to the applicants through the period from registration to acceptance

To be a leader in optimizing processes and programs that help achieving the OMSB enrollment goals and promote the best professional services to physician applicants.

1.  Introduce the physician applicants with the rules and regulations to join OMSB Residency Training Programs.
2.  Provide the best services to physician applicants to facilitate the process of their applications until they are accepted in OMSB Residency Training Programs.
3.  Deal with applicants’ documents and data with utmost level of confidentiality and accuracy.

Dr.Siham Al-Sinani
Director of Training Department
+968 24181129

Sheikha Al Shabibi
Acting Head of Admission and Registration Section
+968 2418-1088

Ali Al Jabri
Admission and Registration Specialist
+968 2418-1009

Thuwaiba Al Rawahi
Admission and Registration Specialist
+968 2418-1158

Hanan Al Siyabi
Admission & Registration Coordinator
+968 2418-1043