Oman Medical Specialty Board
المجلس العماني للاختصاصات الطبية

Academic Affairs


Admission and Registration Section is responsible for application of physician candidates from qualified medical institutions to join OMSB training programs (Residency/Fellowship). It also handles cases of trainees regarding withdrawal, rejoining, interruption, and transfer (WRIT).


To provide high-quality programs that attract a diverse of physician candidates and help them through the period of their enrollment to acceptance. The programs will promote the participation of the physician candidates in improving the standards and quality of healthcare in the Sultanate of Oman.


To be a leader in optimizing processes and programs that help achieving the OMSB enrollment goals and promote the best professional services to physician candidates.


  1. Tofamiliarize the physician candidates with the rules and regulations for training programs (residency/fellowship) and procedures of Admission and Registration.
  2. To give the best services for physician candidates to be enrolled at OMSB.
  3. Treat physician candidates' and residents' records with highest level of integrity through recording data precisely and maintain the utmost confidentiality.


Dr. Siham Al Sinani

Designated Institutional Official (DIO)
Director of Training Affairs Department

Sheikha Al Shabibi

Acting Head of Admission and Registration Section

Ali Al Jabri

Admission and Registration Specialist

Hanan al Siyabi

Admission and Registration Coordinator

Thuwaiba Al Rawahi

Admission and Registration Specialist