Oman Medical Specialty Board
المجلس العماني للاختصاصات الطبية

Academic Affairs

Entry Requirements

An International Graduate Applicant:

·  Is not a citizen or permanent resident of the Sultanate of Oman
·  Holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine & Surgery or equivalent from a recognized university 

Criteria of Non-Omani candidates to Join OMSB Residency Training Programs:

A Non-Omani Applicant with the following criteria may join OMSB:
1.  A holder of MD or Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine & Surgery or equivalent from a recognized university.
2.  Successfully completed the internship requirements.
3.  Medically fit for training.
4.  Passed the Selection Exam (International Foundations of Medicine, IFOM) conducted by OMSB.
5.  Passed the Interview conducted by the Specialty Scientific Committee.
6.  Provided three letters of recommendation from three consultants with whom he/she has worked with.
7.  The Applicant must submit a letter of approval from his/her sponsor confirming their permission to release him/her to join the specialty training program on a full time basis for the entire period of training.
8.  The Applicant who studied in a medical school where the medium of instruction is not English must pass IELTS English Proficiency Test with an overall score of 6.5.
9.  Some Residency Training Programs may require minimum competency in Arabic language.
10.  The Applicant must provide all applicable training certificates (if available).
11.  The Applicant must obtain full sponsorship from the country of origin/residence to financially support him/her throughout the entire Residency Training Program.

OMSB will not be financially responsible for the academic activities abroad, educational material (books, etc.) & examination fees for the Non-Omani Residents.

Select a Program

Find your choice of specialty. Refer to the list of OMSB Residency Training Programs to ensure that you have chosen the appropriate specialty:


  Emergency Medicine
  Family Medicine

  General Surgery

  Internal Medicine
  Obstetrics & Gynecology



Submission of Documents

Application forms and other required documents can be sent

Submit your application form and other required documents via:

Or via Post:
Oman Medical Specialty Board:
Building#: Way #4443, Bldg. 18, Block 244, Plot 404, Bawshar (North Azaiba), Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

International Graduates Application Process

In order for the Admission and Registration Office to make an admission decision, all documents must be received by the application deadlines.

Required Documents

The Applicant must submit the following required documents:
1.  Sponsorship Letter from sponsoring organization stating the financial commitment they will make during the applicant’s residency training period.
2.  Completed OMSB Application Form.
3.  Curriculum Vitae.
4.  Photocopy of Passport.
5.  Basic Science Transcript & Certificate (if applicable).
6.  MD Transcript & Certificate.
7.  Immunization record and screening reports of HBsAG, Anti-HBc, Anti-HBs, Anti-HCV, and HIV. 
8.  Personal Statements – based on choice of specialties.
9.  Three (3) Recommendation Letters from Consultants with whom he/she has worked with.
10.  Photocopy of any entry exam, international exam, or other postgraduate exams (if applicable).
11.  Letter of Good Standing from the Medical Organization in his/her country of residence.

Admission Deadline

Application Term:
Open:  November
Closed:  December

* No application will be processed after the deadlines.
* Changing the priority of your choices will not be considered after the deadline of application

Things to consider:

1.  Submit your papers before the deadline
2.  Make sure that all required documents are accurate
3.  Include all main activities, certificates…etc.
4.  Contact Admission and Registration Office for any admission queries

Application Details: 

·  Registration Tutorial
·  Online Application Form

Act of Dishonesty: 

All applicants applying to OMSB Residency Training Programs are expected to follow the Admission rules and regulations. Applicants found to have misrepresented themselves or submitted false information on the application is ground for rejection of the application, withdrawal of any offered acceptance, cancellation of enrollment, or other appropriate disciplinary action. 

Tuition Fees: