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المجلس العماني للاختصاصات الطبية

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Oman Medical Specialty Board (OMSB) is the Sponsoring Institution that oversees Graduate Medical Education (GME) in Oman. OMSB and its GME programs, is committed to provide young physicians the opportunity to develop clinical and professional competence under careful supervision and guidance of the faculty, and ensures provision of training environment necessary to the development of future leaders in art and science of medicine.

The Residents’ clinical training takes place in six (6) major participating sites: 1.) Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (SQUH), 2.) Royal Hospital (RH), 3.) Armed Forces Hospital (AFH), 4.) Khoula Hospital (KH), 5.) Al Nahdha Hospital (ANH) and 6.) Al Massara Hospital, and other Affiliated Training Centers. OMSB and its participating sites provide graduate medical education that assists residents’ professional, ethical, and personal development.

OMSB’s Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC) together with the Training Center – Post Graduate Medical Education Committees (PGMEC), Participating Sites, Program Education Committees, and teaching faculty; are responsible in ensuring that the necessary educational resources are made available to support all GME training programs.

GME Functions and Responsibilities

GME Functions

·  Monitor the delivery of quality graduate medical education, supervision, and administration of OMSB Residency Programs.
·  Provide administrative support and professional development for Program Directors, Faculty/Trainers, Residents, and Program Administrators.
·  Coordinate and implement policies and procedures defined by the Graduate Medical Education Committee
·  Coordinate and support the Graduate Medical Education Committee and subcommittees.
·  Liaison between OMSB Training Centers and ACGME-I
·  Ensure that OMSB meets the ACGME-I Institutional, Foundational and program-specific requirements
·  Ensure that all required ACGME-I documents are correct and submitted in a timely manner.
·  Enhance the quality of the learning environment for Residents and support innovation in the delivery of graduate medical education
·  Support and monitor New Innovations Program/Resident Tracking system

Training Center PGME Committees are located in the Affiliated Training Center. It monitors quality and access to the educational facilities provision to OMSB Residents at the assigned Training Center.

Training Center Residency Responsibilities

1.  Ensure implementation & monitoring of the ACGME-I Institutional & Program Requirements at the Training Center on ongoing basis.
2.  Facilitate and participate in the ACGME-I continuous accreditation process and assist in preparation for site visits.
3.  Monitor quality and access to the educational facilities provision to OMSB Residents at the assigned Training Center.
4.  Review the feedback from OMSB Accreditation Committee, Associate DIO, Program Scientific Committees, Trainers, & Residents regarding training and educational concerns in the Training Centers.
5.  Evaluate the performance of the Residency Program & Trainers in the Training Center.
6.  Facilitate monitoring of the evaluation of Trainers including their continuous professional development.
7.  Communicate with the GMEC on training and education matters on regular basis.
8.  Liaise with Training Centers’ Administration.

Contact Us

Contact Persons:

Rosemarie Rodanilla
Institutional Coordinator
+968 2418-1079

Vernaliza Diaz
GMEC Coordinator
+968 2418-1105

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