Oman Medical Specialty Board
المجلس العماني للاختصاصات الطبية

Academic Affairs


Assessment section in OMSB serves a critical role in ensuring, monitoring, strengthen and continually update the assessment system within OMSB Training Programs. Also, it is responsible of setting assessment tools that have been developed and enhances the existing OMSB assessment system. The OMSB Assessment Committee was established in February 2010. The Committee’s ongoing task is to develop and enhance assessment tools for assessing the ACGME Core Competencies as required by the OMSB Quality Assurance Standards for Postgraduate Medical Education Standards. Also, it assist the Program Education Committee Members, Trainers, Residents and Program Administrators in implementing an effective and reliable assessment system for the Residents, Trainers and the Programs.


Assessment section missioned to develop workplace based Assessment tools to assist resident’s competencies and explore different system resident assessment. Also, to define mechanisms of formal assessment of resident to reflect their achievements of the objectives in awarded EPAs. Assessment section support and assist the specialty to develop program specific assessments and educate trainers about principles of assessments. 


To integrate assessment system that promotes learning


·  To define/outline/name the Required Competencies in OMSB trained specialist/consultant
·  To develop and/or recommend a variety of Tools of Assessment for the Required Competencies in an Omani Specialist/Consultant.
·  To monitor the Training Programs’ assessment of the Required Competencies of residents.

Services Offered

Main Services Offered:

·  The Committee develops assessment forms to assess various aspects of training including the Residents performance, Trainers and Programs.  These forms are then discussed, revised and approved by the Committee.  Upon approval of the Committee, the form is submitted to the Executive President’s office with the Committees recommendation including the frequency of usage of the forms.  The Trainee Affairs section will then release the approved forms to all the Education Committee for implementation.

·  Any other forms utilized by the Training Programs should be submitted to the Assessment Committee for review and approval.  If the submitted forms can be utilized by all programs, the Committee amends the form to be generic for all programs.  If the form is program specific, it is reviewed and revised accordingly and the approved form is sent back to the Education Committee.

Assessment Team

Dr.Saleh Al Hinai
Education Department Director 

Ms. Badriya Al Habsi
Assessment Specialist

Ms. Rosemarie Rodanila
Medical Program Executive