Oman Medical Specialty Board
المجلس العماني للاختصاصات الطبية

Academic Affairs


Category I - Formal and highly structured learning activities provided by recognized educational or scientific institutions or professional bodies that are accredited by OMSB or other recognized accreditation bodies.
Category II - Self-learning planned activities commonly conducted individually or in groups to address the needs identified locally by specific specialty or department.


Credit Point System

Participation in CPD activity will be linked to a credit point system.

Credit points will be accumulated from each activity the participant attended or was involved in as speaker, moderator, or facilitator. Depending on the specialty, all health care providers have a minimum set of credit point requirement to maintain their CPD as outlined in Table 1 from category I & II.

There are specific numbers of credit point requirements for each specialty:

•Participants should have a minimum credit points from Category I and II within each year.
•Participants should have a minimum credit points from Category I and II within each cycle (3 years).
•Participants must fulfill both of the above requirements in order to satisfy the OMSB-CPD guidelines.

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Accreditation Process

CPD Forms

Click on the links below to download the CPD Forms:

I- Forms to be used in applying CPD accreditation:

•Application Form             word         pdf

•Speaker CV                          word         pdf

•Program Schedule           word         pdf

•Speaker Declaration        word        pdf    

•Organizer Declaration     word        pdf    

•Renewal Form                    word         pdf                   

II- Forms to be used after conducting the accredited CPD activity:

•Speaker Evaluation          word         pdf

•Activity Evaluation            word         pdf

•Evaluation Report             word