Oman Medical Specialty Board
المجلس العماني للاختصاصات الطبية

Academic Affairs


To promote excellence in medical information literacy and thrust health research in Oman.


To provide quality and relevant information and resources to support knowledge and health needs of health care professionals in Oman.


1.  To seek and acquire the best available evidence-based medical resources that will support the goals and objectives of OMSB.
2.  To investigate different methods and gateways to deliver and provide access to these resources to the end-users for better utilization of these resources.
3.  Collaborate with other institutions which share the same values and missions in Oman and abroad for further enhancement of library services provided.


1.  Books Circulation (Borrowing).
2.  Subscribe to health e-resources and databases to provide up-to-date medical information for our users.
3.  Reference service. Answer inquires of the health care providers related to medical information and access.
4.  Interlibrary loan article request. In collaboration with other libraries in Oman and abroad, the library will provide full-text of articles that are in need by the healthcare professionals.
5.  Training. The library will provide and arrange training session for the health care professionals that will facilitate how our users access medical information.
6.  Study area. The library has a study area for our residence that will provide them with an environment to study for their courses and exams supported by Wi-Fi.