Oman Medical Specialty Board
المجلس العماني للاختصاصات الطبية

About omsb

About Us

We help Omani Physicians and Surgeons to become more qualified and skilled.


Create a broad international horizon for training Omani Physicians and Surgeons


1. Contact international institutions regarding the external affairs of OMSB
2. Prepare agreement memoranda with international institutions and organizations for postgraduate training and ensure the implementation of their terms
3. Communicate with international organizations and scientific corporations to achieve a technical cooperation with them and facilitate cooperation projects
4. Arrange visits between OMSB and international organizations related to training affairs and international collaborations

General Information:

The International Cooperation Department was established in 2006.
From 9 agreements in 2009, we now have signed agreements with 23 institutions in Canada, UK, USA, Egypt, Ireland, and Australia.
The department is organizing visits throughout the year to different training institutions. Delegations from OMSB visited a number of countries in the past. Among them are: Australia, UK, Singapore, India, Canada, Malaysia, Netherlands, US and Ireland.
The department is also facilitating all the arrangements for visitors who wish to visit OMSB.

Org Structure

Collaborations & Agreements


Visitors Guide

The Sultanate of Oman is a modern country located in Arabia Peninsula in southwest Asia. It borders the United Emirates in the northwest, Saudi Arabia in the west and Yemen in the southwest. Oman consists of 9 governorates and Muscat governorate is the capital. Oman is a member of Gulf Cooperation Council, United Nations, Organization of Islamic Cooperation and Arab League. Capital: Muscat Official Language: Arabic Area: Total 309,501 km2 (70th) 119,498 sq mi Water (%) negligible


- 2013 estimate 3,869,873[3]
- 2010 census 2,773,479[4]
- Density 9.2/km2 (220th)
23.8/sq mi

Time Zone: GST (UTC+4)
- Summer (DST) (UTC+4)

National Day: November 18
Calling Code: +968
Climate: Hot and dry in the interior and humid along the coast
Drives on the: Right
Currency: Omani Rial
Summer Season: May to September
Regular Shopping Hours: 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM 4:30 PM to 10:00 PM

OMANI CULTURE: Oman is rated among the 50 most peaceful countries in the world. Omani citizens are popular for their hospitality and good manners. As an Islamic country, traditions and Islamic concepts are highly valued in Oman. It is advisable for visitors to read about the rich Omani culture prior to visiting.

TOURIST ATTRACTIONS: In Oman, one can enjoy white sandy beaches, water sports, valleys, mountains, desert activities, forts and museums and much more. In Muscat, some of the main tourist sites are the Grand Mosque, Matrah Souq, Bait Al Baranda, Bait Al Zubair, Jalai Fort, Merani Fort, Qanatab beach, Diving Club and Bushar Sands. Outside Muscat, there are a lot of fascinating tourist sites like Jabal Shams, Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve, Nizwa Souq, Bahla fort and Wahiba sands. Muscat and Salalah Festivals are two of the annual activities in the Sultanate. During which, the visitors can enjoy various traditional, entertaining sports activities. For more information, please visit

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