Oman Medical Specialty Board
المجلس العماني للاختصاصات الطبية

Educational Programs


End of Year Exam

  • As per OMSB rules and regulations.

OMSB Certification Examination.
OMSB Part 1

  1. The examination is a qualifying examination. A resident must pass OMSB Part-I Examination before attempting the Final Examination to obtain the Specialty Certificate.
  2. A resident is allowed three (3) attempts to pass the OMSB Part I Exam. This exam can be attempted at R2; however, the Education Committee may selectively allow a resident who is competent to do OMSB Part I Exam at the end of R1.
  3. No R3 residents will be allowed to progress to R4 level without passing the OMSB Part I Exam.
  4. OMSB Registration will be cancelled if a resident does not pass the OMSB Part I in three (3) attempts.
  5. OMSB Part 1 examination fees will be covered by OMSB for only one (1) attempt. The second and third attempts will be self-sponsored by the resident.

OMSB Part 2

  1. The Final Examination will be conducted after a successful completion of the training program of the specialty for the period approved, and passing all End of Training Year Examinations as well as Part I Examination for the Specialty Certificate.
  2. The Final Exam is conducted in the final year of the training period. The Resident who fails the exam may repeat it within a year after the approval of the Education Committee. The resident is not allowed to repeat Part II Exam for more than three times. The residents will be terminated from the residency training program if he/she does not succeed in the third attempt. However, in exceptional cases, the Resident may be granted a fourth attempt by OMSB.
  3. The Final Examination consists of written and oral parts, OSCE and short clinical cases.
  4. OMSB Part II Written and Clinical Examination fees will be covered by the examinees themselves (self-sponsorship).


  • Arab Board Examination.
  • MRCPCH Examination.