Our Mission:

We are an autonomous body assuring the protection and safety of life through the preparation and qualification of physicians, and through attaining international recognition for a healthier and happier community.

Our Vision:

OMSB leads advancement of medical professions to ensure excellence in healthcare.

Vision  Relationship  Dimensions  Description
Leading  the  Advancement of Medical Professions to Ensure Excellence in Healthcare  Excellence in Healthcare   Leadership  We will develop competent leaders for healthcare. We will translate knowledge, encourage research, and encourage innovation through linking between health care professionals, researchers and innovators to create products and services that improve the quality of health-care and medical education.
 Impact  We will measure the impact of our leadership, fit to practice and educational activities and initiatives in the real world.
 Advancement of Medical Professions  Fit-to-Practice  We will register and verify all health care professions credentials, develop and deliver board and other health care related exams, as well as ensure the quality of CPD activities in the country. We will insure that all licensed health care professionals in Oman are qualified and fit to practice in order to safeguard the health and safety of the citizens and residents of Oman.
 Education  We will create a conducive learning environment for postgraduate medical education in Oman to produce clinically, culturally and academically competent health care professionals.  In addition, we will be a leader in developing and accrediting GME programs and activities through simulation and other means.  Thus besides internationalizing our educational programs, we will strive to produce the right mix, distribution a number of high quality specialist physicians that meet the needs of the Omani Society.