Oman Medical Specialty Board
المجلس العماني للاختصاصات الطبية

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Organizational Structure

International Cooperation Department

International Relations Section
Scholarship Affairs Section

Document Department

Mail Section
Documents Organization Section
Archive Section

Internal Auditing Department

Revenues and Expenditures Auditing Section
Financial Control Section

Legal Department

Legal Consultations Section
Revision and Expenditures Agreements Section

Consultants and Experts

Security Office

Review and Documentation Section
Firm Security Section

Executive President Office

Coordination Section
Follow-up Section

Oman Medical Journal

Planning and Studies Department

Planning Section
Quality Assurance Section
Studies and Research Section
Information and Statistics Section

Scientific Committee Section

Public Service Department

Reception and Registration Application Section
Search and Review Section

Vice President for Administrative and Finincial Affairs

Public Relations Department

Reception and Registration Application Section
Search and Review Section

Information Technology Department

Development and Database Section
Tranining Development Section
Maintenance and Technical Support Section
Information Security Maintaning Section

Financial Affairs Department

Revenues and Expenditures Section
Budget and Accounts Section
Purchase Section

Administrative Affairs Department

Personnel Affairs Section
Training Development Section
Admininstrative Services Section
Transportation and Stores Section

Medical Simulation Center

Technical Support and Development Laboratories

Laboratory Technical Support Section
Biomedical Engineering Laboratory
Programming and Processing Section

Virtual Reality and Critical Care Laboratories

Standardized Patient Laboratory
Medical Instruments Laboratory
Clinical Teaching Workshops Laboratory

Medical Simulation Laboratories

Accidents and Disaster Laboratory
Training Development Section
Pediatrics Medicine Laboratory
Anesthesia and Critical Care Laboratory
Emergency Medicine and Ambulance Servcices Laboratory

Surgical Simulation Laboratories

Obstetrics and Gynecology Laboratory
General Surgery and Robotics Surgery Laboratory
Radiology and Urology Laboratory
Otalaryngology and Ophthalmology Laboratory
Surgical Anatomy Laboratory

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Trainee Affairs Department

Admission and Registration Section
Traninee Affairs Follow-up Section
Wellness and Performance Unit

Examination and Certificate Department

Certificate Equivalence and Professional Classification Section
Local and International Examinations Coordination Section
Local International Certificate Section
Standardize Testing Section

Education Curricula and Accredition Department

Trainers and Residents Development Section
Curricula Section
Training Programs Evaluation Section
Local and International Accredition Section

Continuing Professional Development Department

Continious Medical Education Section
Medical Information Center and Library