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The International Foundations of Medicine (IFOM)

The IFOM program provides accessible, high-quality examinations that help medical schools and other organizations around the world assess students’ knowledge and compare their performance against an international standard.

Launched in 2007, IFOM plays a key role in fulfilling NBME’s mission to protect the health of the global public through state-of-the-art assessments.

Who Uses IFOM, and Why?

The IFOM exams are used by individuals and by organizations such as medical schools, internship and residency programs, and ministries of health or education for various purposes, including:

1-To test students’ knowledge before and/or after particular phases of education and training.

2-To select candidates for training, such as internships or residencies, or for exchange programs.

3-For regional or national certification.

4-To help evaluate curriculum or other assessments.

5-To benchmark students or programs against an international standard.

6-To prepare students to take USMLE® Step 1 or Step 2 Clinical Knowledge.


Please follow the steps below to register and schedule your IFOM at Prometric Center and find out its appointments as shown below: