Oman Medical Specialty Board
المجلس العماني للاختصاصات الطبية

Academic Affairs

Frequently Asked Questions


1.      What are the services provided at the OMSB Performance and Wellness Section?

The following services are provided for OMSB Trainees: Assessment and Counseling, Career Support and Educational Resources.


2.      Who is eligible for the services provided by the Performance and Wellness?

-       Any OMSB trainee can attend the Unit,

-       Any number of times and at any year of training.


3.      What are types of referrals available at the Wellness Section?

Trainees can self-refer or can be referred by the Program’s Education Committee.


4.      How can I get an appointments at the Wellness Section?

It is preferred that the referral be sent to the Performance and Wellness Section, via email to arrange an appointment for assessment purpose.


If you are Self-Referring, you need to complete the Self-Referral Form and send it to us. If it is a Program Referral, the program will send the Referral Form. (for Forms click here)


Appointments can also be arranged through phone calls at: +968 24181160 / +96824181072


5.      How are the services provided?

An initial assessment occurs on a one-to-one basis, between the trainee and a staff member of the Performance and Wellness Section. Further appointments and a management plan are arranged, following the initial assessment.


6.      Will anyone from my program know if I come to the Wellness Section?

Every attempt will be made to treat information disclosed to the Performance and Wellness section, regarding individual residents, in a confidential and respectful manner.

Read more about confidentiality here .


7.      Does the Wellness Section provide any medications?

In the event that a trainee may require medication, as part of the management of their difficulties, this will not be provided through OMSB and appropriate medical assessment must be sought. 

Read more about treatment provision here .


8.      How can I contact you?

You can contact us through telephone numbers: +968 24181160 / +96824181072

Or e-mail us at:

Our office is at the OMSB building in Bawshar (North Azaiba), in the 3rd floor.