Oman Medical Specialty Board
المجلس العماني للاختصاصات الطبية


Studies & Research

The mandate of OMSB is to educate the next generation of leaders in mdeicine in tghe Sultanate of Oman and to provide excellence in medical care with copassion, creativity and flexibility. Therefore, Studies & Research Section was established to build capacity, provide support and promote clinical & medical education research for residents, faculty and OMSB staff within the post-graduate training program in the country.

Excellence in research training for resident doctors as a part of their training towards graduating highly-qualified specialists and consultants.

Providing academic training and adminstrative support related to research conduction to all residents. 
Research Activities:
1. Research Training Workshops: Part of the residents development plans, two research methodology workshops) basic & advanced) are conducted every year for all residents. Local research experts deliever these workshops in interactive sessions. The attendance of these  workshops are pre-requisite for resident graduation.
2. OMSB Annual Research Day: Beside each program research day, every year OMSB has a research day where all the 18 training programs compete for best research papers. Am resident from each program will have an oral presentation on his research paper and the best research papers will be awrded. In addition, two residents from each program will have poster presentations and best 3 poster presentations will be also awarded.
3. Research Block Posting Sessions: Block Posting Sessions of three to four weeks are regularly conducted by the section of Studies & Research. These blocks are dedicated to smaller group of residents (5-10) in each block who receive a group coaching on research proposal writing & data analysis. Each resident has on average from 2 to 3 blocks during their entire training program.
4. Research Office Consulations: The Research section also offers one-to-one consulations through appointments to all residents who need help at any stage of their research project.
5. OMSB Research Review Committee: In 2014, OMSB established a research committee to help support research grant application by OMSB residents. Proposals that are submitted for funding to The Research Council (TRC) are reviewed and approved by the committee. the Graduate Research Support Program (GRSP), a TRC funding program, has now approved 5 research projects and Research Section keeps encouraging the residents to submit their proposals for funding when having solid and significant projects. 

Related Forms:

OMSB Research Proposal Form

Fund Request Form

Contract for services


Frquent Asked Questions?

1-From where can the resident get the ethical approval?

Residents get the ethical approval of their projects from the site they are planning to conduct their research at.

2-Who can help the resident to publish his paper?

Oman Medical Journal

3- Which proposal form shall the resident use?

OMSB Proposal Form

4- Who can help the residents to use the statistical SOFTWARE, like SPSS, EpiData etc.?

The statistcians from Research Section and Information & Statistics Section.

5-Who shall be in Stage I and Stage II in Research Block Posting Sessions?

Stage I for Proposal Writing & Stage II for Data Collection & analysis

6- What is Reference Manager Workshop?

It is a three-hour wokshop where partcipants are trained to use a specific software to arrange the references while writing the Literature Review

7-If a resident misses 75% of Research Block Sessions, what shall he do?

He shall compensate the missed sessions in the coming  blocks.